The Unbiased News Writes Again!

December 30, 2015

A funny story related to FAKE NEWS and how publishers behave...

Back when I was running in 2016 I had a bizarre phone call, December 30, 2015 at around 2pm from the Charlotte Observer’s Jim Morrill who covers politics.

He asked if I was running for the State Senate again, which is obvious since he must have looked at the filed candidate lists and saw my name, phone and email. If he did not know that fact and find the phone listed, then he isn't doing his job. So that was a pointless question. Otherwise, why would he be calling?

Next he said, “what is your birthdate?” To which I objected and said I don’t give out that information.

I said it was rude to ask that since it can be used for ID theft, etc. He told me they would not publish it. He continued on about needing to do background checks, like criminal background checks, and that having my birthdate makes it much easier. He then told me “all the other candidates are doing it.”

He literally espoused the seventh-grade concept of your friends jumping off a bridge so you should too.

Easier. I was an investigator. I pointed out that in today’s world it is not wise to just give out your personal data to just anyone. Then I tried to save him some time. I told him in regards to criminal background that I have none. And I don’t.

Besides, if he looked on the little form one files to BE a candidate you must declare and delineate if you have ever been a FELON, which I have not. So he continued on pressing to get my age, which is fine – I am 55 (now 57). Practically anyone can find that out without calling me personally. 

Folks, given the attitude of the Observer in past races, their misrepresentation of statistical fact in published articles, and the blatant disrespect they show for non-liberals, I have no interest in whether they provide the public with some shoddy background they do on me, since they have not called to interview me, clarify any of my positions, accurately quote a policy, or act like responsible journalists in the past four years.

If you want more information on my background, my entire history is laid out on this website so anyone can get a good idea of the kinds of work, experience, charity and projects I've done over the years. This is not rocket science.

The one time the editor and publisher of the Observer called was the night before they made their endorsements near election day in 2014. They spent all of three minutes, asked two generic questions, and would not let me elaborate on anything. They wanted a simple yes or no, like I was on trial or something. Then abruptly thanked me and hung up because as they explained they were five minutes from deadline. Amazingly they endorsed my opponent. I was shocked and surprised, not.

A serious newspaper spends time interviewing candidates and talks to them. They don’t call five minutes before deadline and act like they are not interested in anything you have to say.

Additionally, these left-leaning newspapers tend to push inflammatory adjectives against nouns and derail good ideas by mislabeling them, for example, the Fair Tax. They called it regressive. It is not. It is progressive and very fair. Poor, elderly and disabled, anyone on fixed income, low-income, etc. PAYS NO TAX under the Fair Tax. It eliminates dozens of duplicative and very regressive taxes which greatly affect the poor. It also helps recover the 40% underground economy which is NEVER reported to the IRS. Yet, the Observer throws their labels and hope they stick.

The saddest part about Jim’s call is he called just before Christmas. I wrote him an email and asked him to forward any questions he has about the campaign since I was busy getting ready for the holidays and guests, which I was doing. I sincerely hope he does write an email back. I will be glad to answer him, and ask that he uses my quotes in their entirety. One of the major reasons I want to conduct interviews in writing with entities like the Observer is their seeming lack of ability to get information on paper as it was relayed to them without mischaracterization.

Good luck with the criminal background check Mr. Morrill. As a former investigator I had to undergo many FBI checks for proper licensing and other checks over the years. I have never been charged or convicted of any crime, not a misdemeanor nor a felony, nor been a suspect in any case. Does that help you at all with your urgent criminal background check?


Richard Rivette for North Carolina State Senate 38


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