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    9.2.2020 - ENDORSED by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police    

Richard Rivette photo portrait
Richard Rivette for NC House 107

(UPDATE 9.19.2020: About the Supreme Court, at the end of the article.)
Today, I am pleased to announce that I have been endorsed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 9. This means a lot to me, as I have always tried to be civic minded and support law enforcement. I worked as a criminal defense investigator for several years on capital murder cases, having studied Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and procedures, so I could be effective in my role as an officer of the court. In that time, I never knew a police officer to overstep their bounds and commit an act which led to anyone’s death. It is actually a very rare occurrence.

For example, in New York City last year the NYPD posted 35,000 field officers who answered over 275 million complaint calls and fired their service weapons only 34 times. In the United States far more officers are injured and killed annually than citizens. Around 30 unarmed individuals were in situations where they were killed by police, whereas over 500 law enforcement officers are injured DAILY! From beatings to murder, our police, bailiffs, troopers, corrections and other LEOs are constantly under attack. Now, gangs in New York have made a pact to execute any police officer they come upon affecting an arrest. Imagine being a family member of any officer. Why would they even do the job we’ve asked of them? Over 99.9% answer those civilian complaints following all procedures in an efficient and dedicated manner. It is disgusting how low this country has fallen, when youth openly march in the streets to defund police, abolish them, and outright murder them.

Richard Rivette for NC House 107

READ the UPDATE at the end of the article.

It is time that all good people of this House district stand for something. We have endured nearly four months of insanity perpetrated by an out-of-control Governor who has abused the laws of this state. Read NC G.S.S. 166 19.30 and you will note that all the restrictions he imposed on business owners were not allowed without concurrence of the Council of State, which he did not have. He never had agreement to do what he has done. I personally know many businesses that will never reopen their doors. He has misused authority to bankrupt hundreds if not thousands of companies and left their employees with nothing.

And for what? Because of misinformation and poor data, and data he will not release which will prove that the mortality rate from COVID-19 was never going to be as drastic as predicted. It is unfortunate and tragic we lose even one person to disease, but the lockdowns and closures have been Draconian beyond belief. Many people have died of drug overdoses, suicide, mental health issues, and other afflictions brought on by isolation, deprivation, lack of income, destruction of economies and more. Many of the deaths listed as Covid were co-morbidities where they had serious underlying conditions. We have been lied to for long enough.

My opponent, Rep. Alexander

UPDATE 9.24.2020 at the end of the article.

You've heard of Insane Clown Posse? Meet my opponent whose voting record can only be described as insane. See if you agree with me. Then vote for me.

For those who do not know Civitas, they rank legislators according to whether they vote for "FREEDOM" on legislation, or if they vote "AGAINST FREEDOM". You can only guess where my opponent, Rep. Alexander ranked. Even I was shocked. His votes are nearly historic. I am almost at a loss for words. For example, he voted to allow infanticide.

Senate Bill 359, Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, legally reaffirms that a baby that survives an attempted abortion has the rights of a human being and is entitled to any life-saving medical care available. Alexander voted to allow babies that survive abortion to be left to die. After they were born. I know abortion supporters who think that is crazy. It is too much, a bridge too far. This goes against every human principle.

He voted against citizens deciding against EMINENT DOMAIN where the government can seize your property! Why can't YOU the voter decide? It is YOUR property!

He voted against making the State Health Plan for pensioners viable. He wanted to halt study while we face a $32 BILLION deficit in future because past administrations never put aside any funds for state workers. If we don't act soon, there will be no funds and hundreds of thousands of retirees who face having NO healthcare at all. He says he loves seniors. Nope. I don't think so. 

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