Perhaps you've got good ideas on how we can create jobs and improve the quality of life for people who live here. Even if it's something as small as that pothole on the side of the road which was never fixed, I want to know about what's important to you. We need to hear from you today so that we can get to work and get started on the path to fixing the problems that we face. We need a way to fix our problems and the things that affect us with our Charlotte ingenuity.

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Charlotte's already a great place to live, with it's own sports teams and an economic powerhouse behind it. Through hard work and sacrifice, we can all share in the benefits by economically revitalizing the disadvantaged areas of Charlotte – just like we've done before. Charlotte has quickly become a respectable city – much like New York or Los Angeles. It offers plenty to do and plenty of opportunity for nearly everyone.

“Because I want to make the the 38th NC senate district a much better place for it's residents to live, I'd like to hear from ordinary people like you to find out what matters most. I need you to serve as my eyes and ears and to open my mind up to problems that are happening in your community and local area. Together, we can fight for the type of change that our district deserves – and badly needs – in order to move forward.”

Don't hesitate to contact me to:
• Ask questions about my policy solutions
• Share your ideas for making our district a better place to live
• Say hello or introduce yourself to me

"Unlike our current Senator who is unreachable and does not answer simple communications, I promise to listen, work hard and respond because I know from life experience, that more ideas are better than fewer and no one person can do this alone. I also promise to write regular newsletters which actually inform in plain English so you know what is happening in the State Capitol."

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