Democrat Priorities...And It Isn't Growth

Where's The Beef?

Better Yet... Where's The Money?

Democrats have railed about needing a majority that will reprioritize spending in North Carolina. Voters need to know: there is a limited amount of income in the form of revenue produced by individuals and businesses that the state is given to spend. There is no additional pot of money available. I challenge my House opponent and anyone else out there to tell me in this summary of state spending exactly WHAT we are supposed to stop spending on so we can get teacher's further raises, build affordable housing, expand Medicaid, etc. As it stands now, Democrats UPHELD the Governor's veto of this year's budget NOT because it was not a superior budget, but because they didn't get every pet item they wanted.

Democrats have some really good spending ideas. I do too. I would love to go out and buy a very expensive car, and eat at the finest restaurants every night. But I cannot afford to do that and neither can our state. We ALL want children cared for with a good education, a decent meal, and a roof over their head. That would be ideal. We cannot deficit spend to achieve it. North Carolina finally paid back some of its long-term debt so we are not constantly paying interest on debt for overspending which occurred many years ago under those Democrat majorities. Face facts, Republicans are just better stewards of public funds.

Here is a budget snapshot from two years ago:

Item - Amount - Percent of Budget

Education including all K-12, Community Colleges and UNC System - $13,760,000,000 - 58%

Health and Human Services including Medicaid - $5,353,000,000 - 22%

Justice, Public Safety, State Troopers, All Judiciary, Other Emergency Items - $2,800,000,000 - 12%

Reserves and Debt Service (which cannot be reduced) - $907,000,000 - 4%

Agriculture, Natural and Economic Resources - $603,000,000 - 3%

General Government - $433,000,000 - 2%

IT/Capital Improvements - $64,000,000 - <1%

Total General Fund - $23,920,000,000 

I would like to thank all the candidates for working on their campaigns, but let us be realistic. Unless the state of North Carolina finds a way to DEVELOP BUSINESS, GROW BUSINESS, GROW MANUFACTURING and AGRICULTURE, and CREATE MORE JOBS which generates more income, we have no added monies to spend. The Democrats can claim to be better with budgets, but history proves them wrong. 

If you want North Carolina to continue to grow, fund necessary services, create even more jobs, and continue to rise in all National rankings, then please VOTE REPUBLICAN. Democrats have shown they are all about taxing and spending which will drive business AWAY to other states and nations. We just can't afford that. Somehow they imagine companies will stay and put up with over-regulation and constant unpredictability with taxes. They won't. They leave. Look at the hundreds of firms that have left for South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Those aren't aberrations. We must stabilize our tax code once and for all.

If you want to build up additional revenue, let's try this for a change:

1. Eliminate fraud. Currently, and in years past, I demonstrated that we have between $300 - $500 million in fraudulent transactions occurring with ghost providers and patients in our medical care programs. The Federal government broke up several rings of foreigners who abused the system. Our state needs to investigate these issues to recover needed funds, whether it is day care fraud, fake transportation, ghost patients, or unscrupulous suppliers.

2. By the Industrial Commission's estimate there are over 52,000 businesses operating without paying their taxes for worker's compensation and other items. We need to expand investigations to recover these funds and fully support our workers. With an average tax owed per employee those 52,000 companies could account for another $50 to $100 million in lost funds.

3. Imitate what other states have done successfully in regards to forming alliances with developers and venture capitalists to create low income housing across the state. This would simply involve inviting successful developers to come to Charlotte, Raleigh and other cities, clearing the way with lower regulations, allowing an expedited and costless permit process, and we will gain the construction jobs, and thousands of new homes for families who cannot otherwise afford decent housing.

This year, VOTE RIVETTE NC House 107.



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