Richard Rivette for NC House 107 - My Inexperienced Opponent
Richard Rivette

Richard Rivette

Richard is the North Carolina State House candidate for District 107 comprising the West side of Mecklenburg County around Northlake Mall, below Huntersville along Harris Blvd., and the Highland Creek/Prosperity Church area of the city where he has resided and raised a family over the past 15 years. It also includes neighborhoods along I-77 south to the I-85 interchange and a few along Beattie's Ford Road. His desire is to bring more viable companies to North Carolina, increase job opportunities, job training, and expand school choice by fully funding all education venues.

Richard Rivette for NC House 107

It is time that all good people of this House district stand for something. We have endured nearly four months of insanity perpetrated by an out-of-control Governor who has abused the laws of this state. Read NC G.S.S. 166 19.30 and you will note that all the restrictions he imposed on business owners were not allowed without concurrence of the Council of State, which he did not have. He never had agreement to do what he has done. I personally know many businesses that will never reopen their doors. He has misused authority to bankrupt hundreds if not thousands of companies and left their employees with nothing.

And for what? Because of misinformation and poor data, and data he will not release which will prove that the mortality rate from COVID-19 was never going to be as drastic as predicted. It is unfortunate and tragic we lose even one person to disease, but the lockdowns and closures have been Draconian beyond belief. Many people have died of drug overdoses, suicide, mental health issues, and other afflictions brought on by isolation, deprivation, lack of income, destruction of economies and more. Many of the deaths listed as Covid were co-morbidities where they had serious underlying conditions. We have been lied to for long enough.

I attended the forum night for my district at the Black Political Caucus hosted at West Meck High School on January 21, 2020. While I met some nice people, the “debate” if you can call it that, was an unmitigated disaster. The moderators were completely biased and attempted to frame every Republican as evil, ignorant, and misguided. Some of their questions were so loaded and prefaced with half-truths that anyone attending could not help but notice it was an attack on any Republican candidates.

How unfortunate. We agree on so many issues yet differ on economic approaches. There is not one “right” party, or candidate. As one Democrat on stage put it, NO PARTY has all the good ideas. But every question and answer from Democrats seemed to say one thing over and over. Republicans and their ideas and legislation are BAD, using that exact word, and Democrats are GOOD. Do you think people are that stupid? That they cannot discern nuance on any issue? Please read my rebuttals as I was only given about three minutes in two and half hours to attempt to combat the biased moderators.

My opponent, Rep. Alexander

You've heard of Insane Clown Posse? Meet my opponent whose voting record can only be described as insane. See if you agree with me. Then vote for me.

For those who do not know Civitas, they rank legislators according to whether they vote for "FREEDOM" on legislation, or if they vote "AGAINST FREEDOM". You can only guess where my opponent, Rep. Alexander ranked. Even I was shocked. His votes are nearly historic. I am almost at a loss for words. For example, he voted to allow infanticide.

Senate Bill 359, Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, legally reaffirms that a baby that survives an attempted abortion has the rights of a human being and is entitled to any life-saving medical care available. Alexander voted to allow babies that survive abortion to be left to die. After they were born. I know abortion supporters who think that is crazy. It is too much, a bridge too far. This goes against every human principle.

He voted against citizens deciding against EMINENT DOMAIN where the government can seize your property! Why can't YOU the voter decide? It is YOUR property!

He voted against making the State Health Plan for pensioners viable. He wanted to halt study while we face a $32 BILLION deficit in future because past administrations never put aside any funds for state workers. If we don't act soon, there will be no funds and hundreds of thousands of retirees who face having NO healthcare at all. He says he loves seniors. Nope. I don't think so. 

Please watch this Prager University video and you will understand the Democrat strategy of painting Republicans as racists. Frankly, we are sick and tired of being called names by our neighbors who only parrot what they've been told by a political party. We are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, volunteers, business owners, coaches, and customers. We deserve to be treated with respect. Until someone proves to you individually they are racist, stop calling people names. It hurts our community and country.

Carol Swain is a Professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University.


And please watch what Dr. Alveda King (Martin Luther King's neice) has to say about racism today:


Diamond and Silk nail it with this video:


Where's The Beef?

Better Yet... Where's The Money?

Democrats have railed about needing a majority that will reprioritize spending in North Carolina. Voters need to know: there is a limited amount of income in the form of revenue produced by individuals and businesses that the state is given to spend. There is no additional pot of money available. I challenge my House opponent and anyone else out there to tell me in this summary of state spending exactly WHAT we are supposed to stop spending on so we can get teacher's further raises, build affordable housing, expand Medicaid, etc. As it stands now, Democrats UPHELD the Governor's veto of this year's budget NOT because it was not a superior budget, but because they didn't get every pet item they wanted.

Democrats have some really good spending ideas. I do too. I would love to go out and buy a very expensive car, and eat at the finest restaurants every night. But I cannot afford to do that and neither can our state. We ALL want children cared for with a good education, a decent meal, and a roof over their head. That would be ideal. We cannot deficit spend to achieve it. North Carolina finally paid back some of its long-term debt so we are not constantly paying interest on debt for overspending which occurred many years ago under those Democrat majorities. Face facts, Republicans are just better stewards of public funds.

A Living Wage is a fallacy, a falsehood and can never help the poor. In fact, it harms them.

I took law courses, unlike my opponent, and he doesn't understand product development and how manufacturers function. He inherited a business. He has demonstrated ZERO experience and little knowledge of economics per the proposals he has put forward. Allow me to explain:

When you work for a company, say you are paid $12 to bake bread loaves. You want a raise to $15. The owner says they cannot afford it. Remember, your needs and desires are balanced against the entire company's balance sheet, every other employee, and every competitor they have in the marketplace. 

When the government steps in, as they have in Venezuela, and says you must raise salaries, companies must comply. In Venezuela 40% of all business closed overnight when salary hikes were enforced. Unemployment skyrocketed. The country is in such a desperate state that open rebellion is occurring. People are dying from socialist policies.

Here is what would happen in the North Carolina if we enact a "living wage":

Here we go again.

Another run for the state legislature, and now I am up against Rep. Alexander who has spent ten years in office and done nothing for this district, much less the state. While his heart may be in the right place, he seems to miss the point of HOW to create higher income for all citizens, HOW to raise people out of poverty, HOW to create an equitable justice system, and HOW to build affordable housing.

He doesn't have to worry about his livelihood as his family owns a funeral home, in fact the oldest African-American owned business in Mecklenburg County at 105 years old.

Before I tell you WHY my opponent is another disaster, please READ the chart (click READ MORE). In 2010, the Democrats had control of North Carolina for 138 years. And we had among the lowest standards for business, education and progress. Democrats had several generations to get things right, and they didn't, so what makes anyone think now they will magically empower people in North Carolina? In the few years Republicans have the state house North Carolina's rankings have shot up in every positive direction possible. 

CRITICAL UPDATE: Under Republican leadership for several years, North Carolina according to Forbes magazine has been rated the NUMBER ONE best state for business in the U.S. for the THIRD YEAR. After years of undoing the mess that Democrats made for 138 years, we are finally seeing the fruit of our labor. Let's keep that going...

I would like to address the main concerns that Mr. Alexander has touted as important for our district. Better yet, I will tell you HOW I intend to fix these things:

Being a candidate requires you to register to run under one of the major political parties in North Carolina. It is the law. Now, a lot of candidates I've met, don't really fit neatly into their "party mold". Some do, but many don't. But you are stuck with labeling yourself.

I am a Republican. I really am more a Constitutional Conservative. I love our founding documents because they've withstood the test of time. We have become a more mature nation because they limit each "party" at the national level. In our state, we have a similar Constitution, and because of that we have the two party system. Three, if you count the occasional Libertarian candidates who try to compete.

The system is rigged in favor of parties. Which is why a lot of people hate by party. The left hates Republicans. Even though many candidates are not entirely Republican, they are hated. En masse. For no particular reason except they have an "R" after their name. The right can't stand many Democrats. The ones with a "D" after their name. 

Can we not grow up enough to understand that these hatreds are fueled by media, and by internal party groups who WANT to preserve their own power? They enjoy the fact they can spread a few lies and stir up such hatred. 

The fact is, WE ARE ALL AMERICANS, doing the best we can to work jobs, build a business, raise our families and get through our daily lives without drama. I think we need to ask ourselves before we vote: Would I want this candidate babysitting my kid? Would I trust them with my cash register at my business? Would I allow them to be my manager at work? Would I invite them over to relax in my backyard? More importantly, Will this person safeguard my life, my property and those I care about regardless of "party"? If the answer is NO, then it doesn't really matter what letter comes after their name on the ballot. 

We need to look past labels and start thinking for ourselves. This is critical in unbalanced districts like mine. Anyone other than a D won't be elected unless people look at the individual. Someone once said we should judge on the content of character,... not on superficial characteristics like skin color.

Oh yes. That was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and for those who are wanting to hate on the basis of party - he was a Republican.

Don't believe anything I say - Watch what his niece, Dr. Alveda King, has to say - Dr. Alveda King Explains Her Uncle's Political Position

How Statistics Can Lie, Especially When Used To Rip Away Your Rights To Self-Protection

UPDATE (2019): I wrote this FIVE years ago. No genocides have occurred since then. Legal gun owners haven't gone berserk. The idea that gun-free zones will protect us as we go about unarmed is a myth. The most recent murder of U.S. military members on their own base in Florida should underscore that. There should be no gun-free zones so we aren't sitting ducks. Teachers, administrators, and support staff who are responsible and capable of carrying should protect our schools. Period. All we hear from the left is how everything would be great if we didn't have guns. Maybe the criminals would enjoy that, but we've seen the effects of being unarmed. Let's try the other way and see who is right.

TODAY (Jan. 22, 2020) : From Diamond and Silk - "If Slaves had guns there would have been no slavery." Exactly true. 


It is deceptively simple to lie using generalized or averaged statistics. You can basically find any information you need to support your case. But on further examination statistics can backfire and absolutely destroy your case. In debate we call that a slam dunk just like in basketball or in the law.

Proponents of “gun control” couch their argument in the idea that the United States is patently unsafe due to the large number of gun owners. They claim that these gun owners are irresponsible and could snap at any moment and kill people. 80 to 100 million gun owners have not snapped. Ever. Nor will they any time soon.

The facts belie these “statistical” observations leftists hope to use to disarm Americans.

  1. The United States has half the world’s small arms held by less than 5% of the world’s population. Given that potential nightmare scenario you would think we would top the list of murderous nations.
  2. We almost DO top the list! We are FOURTH highest for murder rates among all nations in the world! Scary, isn’t it? Why you could be gunned down anywhere by any one of those 100 million small arms held by Americans.
  3. There is a problem with the statistics. Yes. We are fourth, when you average all the cities and regions of the United States. When you remove just a few cities, Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., St. Louis, and New Orleans, our nation actually drops to the bottom and is one of the safest in the world. We rank about 189 of 192 nations. Most gun murders take place in those cities annually.
  4. Please consider the unifying factors that make those four particular cities very, very unsafe. They all have one thing in common. Did you guess it already? Gun control. Chicago, Washington and until very recently when the police chief told people to protect themselves, Detroit, have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, in the world.
  5. Recently in Washington, D.C. a man was sent to prison for possessing a decorative spent (empty) cartridge in his car, that was incapable of being used in any manner other than as a keychain. Yet Washington, D.C. is vying for top slot as the murder capital.

A reasonable person would say, let’s remove all gun control laws from those cities and allow people to protect themselves. Wouldn’t crime drop? Yes. It would. In fact, if you review the individual statistics from the FBI, unaveraged, for every major city in America and other regions you will find that the more armed the populace the LOWER the crime rate for any crime, but especially note the reduction of violent crime including home invasions.

One might ask why? Because if you attempt to enter a store to randomly shoot people to rob the store and all of the customers have concealed weapons, what are your chances of getting out alive? Very low. And that concept keeps the criminal element from harming we innocent civilians. If you want to see effective gun control, take the guns away from the criminals.

The gun control advocates that want to take our second amendment right away don’t really care if you can protect yourself. Which brings us to the recent news from Nevada. The second amendment of the Constitution does not exist to protect your right to self-defense just against criminals, it also allows you to stand up to our government, when the government spins out of control and goes insane. For example, you drive home one day and find 200 heavily armed tactical snipers have surrounded your home and keep you in their sights ready to execute a kill shot every minute of the day. That doesn’t sound creepy at all does it? Honestly, I don’t know anyone who would not be set on edge by that scenario. That is simple overkill. It is intimidation. Our Federal government has gone over the deep end. (This refers to Bundy ranch - where we know now that the land's mineral rights were attempted to be sold by a Senator's investment company to China. The problem was the rightful owner lived there.)

Apparently, the TSA, IRS, USPS, FDA, NOAH, NASA, DEA, DOE, USDA, BLM, and a whole lot of other Federal agencies are now armed to the teeth with billions of bullets. I guess their primary mission of helping Americans has turned into one of making sure we loyal Americans allow them to take from us whatever they want without resistance.

Our own government fears us now. While they read your email, listen to your phone calls, and examine your every movement. Is that what you think America should be? Fear is what gun control is all about. Historically, wherever gun control and its next step, confiscation, has been employed, Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, among other places, hundreds of millions of innocents have been exterminated because they could not defend themselves – against their own government.

Slaves and descendants of American slaves were also once forbidden from owning guns. And they witnessed their homes, fields, barns and families burned alive, because they couldn’t defend themselves. African-Americans should be the group screaming the loudest in defense of maintaining their God given right to self-protection. Yet many seem perfectly willing to let the government “protect them”, even though the same government at one time murdered them, supported murder of them, and encoded laws to sterilize them, and destroy their lives. Oh, and these laws were all written by Democrats. If I were black, I don’t think I would be so quick to give up my right to self-protection. When seconds count, the police are only a few minutes away.

So, given the choice between risking mass extermination at the hands of an out of control government or giving up my ability to defend against crime, and allowing my neighbors, who are really nice, responsible people, to keep their second amendment rights and own guns without restriction, I’ll take the latter. Keep your guns. Keep them safe. Keep your family safe. And don’t let any legislator ever tell you giving them up is “for your own good”. Wiser men than us have been fooled by that cry before.

Protecting your life and liberty is my first job as your representative. Everything else is secondary.


His whole life, he quietly gave of his time to a wide range of charitable organizations, helping with fundraising and many other items:

  • Fundraised for public libraries, children’s charities and medical charities.
  • Served on homeowner’s board of directors and founded a community theatre board.
  • He worked on many projects to raise money for those in need including Haitian refugees and displaced Hurricane Andrew families.

He volunteered for many causes long before it became fashionable as touted by the government.

When others had shied away from confrontation, he and his wife organized rallies against the Klan. He believes in the equal rights of the Constitution and that we should all have equal opportunity if we are to survive as a nation.


His product analysis and development skills combined with international business background helped propel him into his most charitable and challenging efforts to date:

  • On January 12, 2010, when the earthquake struck Haiti he put his business on hold for months, and helped gather a consortium of manufacturers and developers to attack the problem of homelessness in Haiti, to provide inexpensive yet durable and effective housing for the hundreds of thousands of displaced persons.
  • The housing was inherently planned to counter the effects of disease, hurricanes, earthquakes and many other issues.
  • The U.S. State Department requested that FEMA authorized contractors step up to collaborate and Mr. Rivette was integral to part of the private sector effort.
  • As a representative for clients, he participated in several high level conferences in Washington and Miami.
  • He chaired and gave the opening statement at the Global Conference on Reconstruction for Haiti, joining industry and government leaders in conference.
  • Submitted comprehensive housing plans and materials for the Clinton/Bush foundation.
  • Met with members of the Haitian government and the professional Haitian Diaspora community worldwide.
  • For months, he also consulted with industry leaders, and then to discuss proposals with the U.S. Commerce Secretary Locke at the industrial gathering in Washington, D.C.
  • He promoted the integration of experienced businesses with the NGOs in the field, the U.S. and Haitian governments, and prepared for the installation of demonstration housing models on the island.
  • He also designed a model city plan to include a more modern infrastructure to counter known diseases and security issues.

This work also positioned his clients for providing disaster assistance in Chile after their earthquake, and for mining concerns in West Africa.


In addition to his business background, Mr. Rivette spent years in classrooms teaching Literature, Computer coding, and Arts classes. As a BSA troop founder and leader he spent ten years working with scouts from diverse backgrounds with varying abilities. He volunteered at camps each year to help more advanced scouts earn their Eagle badges. He personally sacrificed to make sure that those young men had a better chance at building a successful life. 


Richard Rivette knows personally what it is like to start out with nothing, work against adversity to achieve, and help others grow their ideas. Now, he would like to have a hand in providing an atmosphere conducive to job creation in North Carolina.

Having spent a lifetime acquiring new skills and knowledge in a wide range of industries, as well as an understanding of government regulation compliance, and the creation of jobs for many companies, Richard Rivette feels he is poised to serve this state and make decisions that could alleviate budget problems, improve education, eliminate crime, support public services, solve complex issues, and provide North Carolina with new impetus to move forward financially.

Currently, he is back in Charlotte. He freelances on marketing projects and enjoys teaching painting. He has been married for nearly 32 years and they have been blessed with one child, now off to college.

Richard hopes to befriend many people during this campaign and learn more about his neighbors. As a representative he wants to have regular meetings with constituents as he believes that everyone can have a seat at the table.

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