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Friday, 19 April 2013 16:00

PROjobs - Let's Get To Work!

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Vote for the PROjobs candidate. Richard Rivette has a history of creating JOBs with new and existing companies. By concentrating on the redevelopment of the Charlotte region, the state tax code and the education system, including both public schools and higher ed, we can build what we need to succeed and lift many of our families out of poverty once and for all. We need those intermediate jobs which take unskilled workers, train them, and move them along towards higher paying skilled jobs, and management. If we do this right, we can attract many companies to locate in North Carolina.

Saturday, 20 April 2013 20:00

PROcharlotte - Revitalize This Region!

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As the PROcharlotte candidate Richard Rivette will propose citizen committees to help us manage the extensive new development of the Charlotte metro region, but especially focus on his district, which is still recovering from the last recession, unemployment, hour reductions and the departure of decent wage jobs. "Our focus must be on attracting new ventures and employing our local Charlotte neighbors." Clean industry can be brought in with training opportunities so our youth have a defined career path. We must aggressively seek opportunities like the Toyota manufacturing facilities we lost to other states because our current legislators are too busy to be bothered promoting this region.

Friday, 03 August 2018 08:00

PROnc - We Must Reform Our State

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"We MUST target the TWO top priorities for companies looking to grow in North Carolina, so they can create MORE jobs."

While government doesn't create jobs, it can lay the foundation for the firms that do. We need to continue to reduce the complexity and burden of our entire tax structure, which is why Richard Rivette supports the FAIR TAX or a much simpler alternative to our entire tax code. And we MUST improve schools and job training opportunities. Every family deserves SCHOOL CHOICE which is now receiving majority support across the nation. We must have a BALANCED BUDGET in NC. We also need to eliminate corruption and that starts with legislative TERM LIMITS, and LOBBYING BANS.

If we work together we can accomplish our goals for Charlotte and North Carolina!


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