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Richard Rivette for NC House 107

READ the UPDATE at the end of the article.

It is time that all good people of this House district stand for something. We have endured nearly four months of insanity perpetrated by an out-of-control Governor who has abused the laws of this state. Read NC G.S.S. 166 19.30 and you will note that all the restrictions he imposed on business owners were not allowed without concurrence of the Council of State, which he did not have. He never had agreement to do what he has done. I personally know many businesses that will never reopen their doors. He has misused authority to bankrupt hundreds if not thousands of companies and left their employees with nothing.

And for what? Because of misinformation and poor data, and data he will not release which will prove that the mortality rate from COVID-19 was never going to be as drastic as predicted. It is unfortunate and tragic we lose even one person to disease, but the lockdowns and closures have been Draconian beyond belief. Many people have died of drug overdoses, suicide, mental health issues, and other afflictions brought on by isolation, deprivation, lack of income, destruction of economies and more. Many of the deaths listed as Covid were co-morbidities where they had serious underlying conditions. We have been lied to for long enough.

When this started I gave the administration the benefit of the doubt, and followed all restrictions. I actually self-isolated before the lockdowns, to limit any exposure. Citizens must end this charade. We have been chastised into muzzling ourselves daily when there is no evidence that the material used for masks will even help limit the spread of the disease. Experts around the world cannot even agree on exactly WHAT we are dealing with and how to alleviate its symptoms. We have scared ourselves into a nightmare and now must awaken.


Please call or write the administration of this state to tell them we have had enough. It is time to reopen. Parents cannot forego earning an income so their children can be home some days and not others when schools reopen. By NOT addressing the needs of families, seniors, and those distressed by his edicts, our Governor has abdicated his role. He MUST present the plans, and not one-size-fits-all, for every school district in this state. Families will lose their homes. Many have already lost generational businesses.

While testing increases, and cases rise, we have NOT seen an increase in the mortality rate. That means we are becoming immune. Most every other state agrees that the worst has passed, and it is time to reopen. It is time to mourn all our losses, and rebuild. We also must recognize that our leadership, this Governor, has abandoned this state to a lone bureaucrat who does not even seem to have the medical background to make proper decisions.

Governor Cooper - #ReopenNC and now!

UPDATE 9.3.2020

I am thoroughly disgusted at the ineptitude of medical leadership from WHO, the CDC and Drs. Fauci and Birx. They mislead the entire nation and forced us into a shutdown that COULD have caused a depression. Instead we have seen tens of thousands of small business DESTROYED. And ALL the COVID data is wrong. 90% False positive tests? Less than 10% actually dying from the disease? Most all who did were much older with several comorbidities? And we have altered our entire culture! The continued lockdowns are questionable at this point and it begs the question has this become political? We also learned that there are FIVE states which forced older patients into nursing homes causing the deaths of countless thousands. It is time to reopen everything. This is more than a LIE, this is an attack on our country. 

Governor COOPER - Open this state now!

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